Marom Bikson Is Making An Impact

In the world of neurotech research, Case Western Reserve University serves as our inherent “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” In fact, at the 2018 NIC Conference in Minneapolis, our happy hour gathering became an impromptu CWRU reunion. How can it be avoided? With the Neurotree lineage of Thomas Mortimer, Dominique Durand, Warren Grill, Hunter Peckham, […]

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Dr. Eric Grigsby Hits the Trifecta

In the past, we’ve seen things like bioelectronic medicine defined as the nexus between the molecular target, the signal or neural pathway, and the device – or even more broadly the combination of molecular medicine, neuroscience, and engineering. To Dr. Eric Grigsby, the ultimate trifecta lies at the intersection of patient care, discovery, and innovation. […]


Medical Assistant

Join Our Team: We are looking for a full-time Medical Assistant (bilingual a plus- Spanish speaking preferred) for our busy medical clinic in Santa Rosa. Redwood Pain Institute is part of the Neurovations family of patient care and innovation. Are you ready to help us grow? This is a full-time position that is the first […]

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Dr. Czura believes that Neuromodulation: The Science (NTS) builds a deeper understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms of neuromodulation, both in nerves and in target organs, is essential to develop more specific and more effective technologies for a broader range of indications.

Dr, Hamilton


We spoke with Dr. Roy Hamilton, Associate Professor in the departments of Neurology and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Pennsylvania, where he also directs the Laboratory for Cognition and Neural Stimulation (LCNS). Dr. Hamilton has been engaged in research in the field of brain stimulation since 1998, and has employed transcranial magnetic stimulation […]