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Marom Bikson Is Making An Impact

In the world of neurotech research, Case Western Reserve University serves as our inherent “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” In fact, at the 2018 NIC Conference in Minneapolis, our happy hour gathering became an impromptu CWRU reunion. How can it be avoided? With the Neurotree lineage of Thomas Mortimer, Dominique Durand, Warren Grill, Hunter Peckham, Cameron McIntyre, Dustin Tyler, Bob Kirsch – and the list of names too long to enumerate, you’ve peopled half of the neurotech continent. In this list of giants in implanted neurotechnology, how does CWRU turn out a non-invasive expert like Marom Bikson? Well my Dears, I’m glad you asked because it’s quite a lovely tale. So, grab a chair and let me pull on your ear for a bit.