The Physiatry Podcast Episode 6-The Coronavirus with Santhosh Nadipuram, MD – Infectious Diseases

Picture of Dr. Ramchandani

Join Dr. Ramchandani as he talks about all aspects of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Sports Medicine all in one!  This podcast focuses on the latest unbiased data with experts in the field.  

Today we talk to Dr. Nadipuram about the Coronavirus.  He gives insights into how dangerous (or not dangerous) the virus really is.  We discuss the symptoms of the Coronavirus (COVID19) and its devastation.  He talks about how important it is to get the flu vaccine and how dangerous the flu is.  We briefly discuss the Ebola virus and other coronavirus outbreaks in the past 20 years (SARS and MERS).

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